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Each week PoliticalGames.net features something new to amuse you. Whether it's a flash game, a video or a photo-funny you'll pleased to have stopped by on your coffee break or after you've soaked yourself in today's newspaper headlines and need some relief.

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Fuck all of ya
WHAT'S NEW FOR 05/28/2008
Angry Nancy Grace IM icons
Nancy Grace Icons
Hillary surprised WHAT'S NEW FOR 05/26/2008 ?
Hillary Theme song Contest
smiling soldier WHAT'S NEW FOR 05/26/2007 ?
Iraq Funding Bill Political Cartoon
Donald Duck as Alec Baldwin WHAT'S NEW FOR 05/10/2007 ?
Alec Baldwin as played by Donald Duck in that infamous call to his daughter.
Iranian US depiction WHAT'S NEW FOR 04/19/2007?
Iranian Animation. Interested in seeing what the enemy of the US is airing on TV. Well, it's deragotory and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
Bush bloopers, duh WHAT'S NEW FOR 03/21/2007?
Bushisms Video. When our Prez trips over his tongue he falls flat on his face.
Bill Gates needs a pie in the face WHAT'S NEW FOR 03/07/2007?
Splat Em Game. Yeah it's a silly time waster but sometimes it's fun to throw food at annoying media figures.
hypocrite Hillary WHAT'S NEW FOR 03/02/2007?
Hypocritical Democrats Video. Using past statements, this GOP propaganda may make a good point. Many prominent Democrats seem to be speaking out of both sides of their mouths.
shoot terrorists from a distance WHAT'S NEW FOR 02/13/2007?
Special Operations Game. Several missions are included in this game from shooting at terrorists from a distance to getting up into Osama's face.
John Kerry does jazzercise WHAT'S NEW FOR 01/31/2007?
It's time to say good-bye to John Kerry by forcing him to engage in pointless aerobics. He may never be president but he'll be fit.
Why is this guy being stepped on? WHAT'S NEW FOR 01/25/2007?
An interview with Egyptian Political Cartoonist BEDAIWI by American Cartoonist Jeff Swenson. From Iraq, to the American People to the Holocaust; read the opinions and cartoons of this active illustrator.
anthrax jelly WHAT'S NEW FOR 01/09/2007?
Anthrax Jelly Game, no need to worry about the white powder here. And please don't use this stuff with peanut butter.
dubya exercising WHAT'S NEW FOR 01/02/2007?
Bush Aerobics, it's the New Year and it's time for the president to make a resolution to get back into shape. Too bad you can't exercise his mind too.
Donald Trump Asshole WHAT'S NEW FOR 12/28/2006?
Donald Trump Spouts off about Rosie O' Donald. Mean-spirited personal attacks. Is this the most humorless, rich bastard you ever met?
danny bonaduce mad WHAT'S NEW FOR 12/19/2006?
Danny Bonaduce is harrassed by a 911 Conspiracist. A war of words ensues along with some colorful language.
McDonald's logo WHAT'S NEW FOR 12/12/2006?
Politics and Parody, it's a fast food game where you run one of the most famous chains in the world-- The Mcdonald's Game
racist santa
Santa does stand up and gets heckled. But is he a bigot for what he says. Just ask Michael Richards because this is a parody of him.
john stewart on crossfire pic WHAT'S NEW FOR 12/05/2006?
Retro-Political Debate. John Stewart on Crossfire. Was Stewart correct in his statements against CNN's debate show and its hosts Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson.
Dubya Ragdoll WHAT'S NEW FOR 11/28/2006?
Bush is falling just like his ratings. Grab him with your mouse, toss him, shake him, drag him around or just watch him fall and fall some more by himself.
kramer says nigger WHAT'S NEW FOR 11/22/2006?
Whoa, this one took me by surprise. When I first heard Kramer had said the word "nigger." I figured it was just part of an act that everyone got upset over. Then I saw the video. This guy has some issues.
Michael Richards apologizes To be fair to the whole story, here is Michael Richards apology. I guess it's up to you to decide if he's a racist or not. Or if he's learned his lesson, maybe we should forgive? If not, it really doesn't matter. It's not like he was working on anything new.
Maus Dictator WHAT'S NEW FOR 11/15/2006?
Mausland Dictator. Another dick-tator has secret knowledge on how to make a bomb. Kill the bastard before he can do anything destructive.
Tim Lee WHAT'S NEW FOR 11/08/2006?
Attack Ad involving Microsoft. Tim Lee is running on the GOP ticket in Washing State. See the flyer the WA Democratic Committee thought would upset me and backfired.
WHAT'S NEW FOR 11/01/2006?
Added "Ducktators" a lost Looney Tunes cartoon that will make you laugh because when do you normally get to see such uncensored stereotypes?


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