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This is a nicely done piece for Obama with numerous celebrities, some of whom I don't recognize and others I didn't realize had retained their celebrity status. And reading the comments on YouTube I see that everyone feels inspired. But is that why you're going to vote for the guy? Because he gives you an emotional high?

I'm not a Hillary supporter but I'm thinking at least she is a more realistic candidate. Obama is pie in the sky dreaming with slogans that remind you of sixties Martin Luther King speak. Does he have some real solutions, or is he going to fumble around and waste tax money trying to make "dreams" come true. I have to admit he speaks well and would represent our country well as a figurehead but beyond that I'm not confident in his abilities. Because "Yes We Can" doesn't mean anything. Is the President going to ask favors of us all? Are "We" really involved beyond casting a vote? When Obama makes his first mistake in office will it be "We Goofed" or will it turn to the singular "Oh No You Didn't."


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