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MICHAEL MOORE LIES, by a young filmmaker
Adam Reuter put together this 1st in an 8 part series about the inconsistencies and deceptions in Michael Moore "documentaries". Upon seeing the comments posted on YouTube he got ripped on for being a greasy kid Republican and other nasty words which just tells me no one paid attention to what he said. And that they are no better than the people who make physical appearance comments about Michael Moore (because if you're going to make fun of the way this kid looks, then what about a Fat Guy Slob who doesn't shave?)
No, Adam is not the most eloquent narrator, but then this is a YouTube opinion piece and I personally applaud the effort. Especially considering that Michael Moore's lies have been documented by both the Right and Left and it is obvious at this point that Michael Moore films are dishonest even as they are entertaining. You can agree with Michael Moore's outlook and viewpoint and still agree that he's dishonest. I grew up liking Michael Moore too and now I simply think he's an ego-maniac. And I'm not a Right Wing Fox News Fan which is how a lot of Lefties like to dismiss the criticism.


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