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Actually Kramer isn't a racist, but Michael Richards who played Kramer sure seems to be. I was ready to defend Michael Richards if all he said was the word "Nigger" because that can be thrown around in the heat of the moment when you're trying to insult a person and you lose all good sense, but Richards went off on how 50 years ago black people would be tortured for being "hecklers."
I'm guessing that he has some prejudices lurking deep in his brain that were brought to the surface or all along he has just been good at hiding his racism. It's a real shame to end a career like this and tarnish a well-loved character. I mean I'd really like to give him the benefit of the doubt... ...more below.

The reason I'd like to give Michael Richards the benefit of the doubt is because stand-up comedy is brutal. I've heard plenty of racial jokes and racial insults on stage in acts done by both white and black comedians. There are no real rules or political correctness when it comes to doing a routine in a club. Many people like to come to a comedy club to have their everyday sensibilities shocked and this includes hearing the word "nigger." If you think this incident is simply about that word being said than you're completely wrong. Richards said much more than the word "nigger."

And maybe that's what Michael Richards was trying to do when he verbally assaulted this guy. Use the word as some sort of insult without an overall racial intent (how you do that I'm not sure). He did aim the word "nigger" at one guy. But in my mind, if you're going to attack someone's race, especially an audience member, you'd better be clever and playful about it. Richards just came off as hateful even if he didn't mean it. I don't think he'll be booked for quite awhile unless it's a neo-nazi fundraiser.

The media was also not accurate in saying that everyone walked out in disgust. It seems to me from watching this video that everyone was amused, kind of like watching a slow train wreck.


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