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When a good celebrity goes bad they always have the late night shows to apologize on, or Larry King. I'm not sure this is enough to save Michael Richards career. In the short term I don't think people will forget. Possibly in the long term people might forgive. I'm not sure it matters anyhow. Was he really doing anything beyond stand-up comedy? It's not like he had any sitcoms or movies in the future. I'm just hoping people can forget so they can still enjoy Seinfeld. Kramer was a classic sitcom character. I'd hate for people to see the character as racist even if the actor was. ...more below

Ultimately, the impression I get from after watching this apology is that Michael Richards truly is sorry, though I believe he should have avoided trying to say "Afro-Americans" as that came off as politics as usual. Jerry Seinfeld looked as if he was about to cry. And it seems like the audience just didn't care either way.

I wish I had seen Michael Richards stand-up act previous to this incident. We're all judging him based on his comedy as Kramer. However, if he was doing outrageous stand-up that pushed taboos and boundaries then I can see how this would happen. All it means is that Michael Richards is really poor at his comedy and that he can't control his rage--two things a comedian needs in his arsenal when confronting hecklers. I think you can make racial jokes when in a confrontation where everyone is a party to the situation--such as the canceled Comedy Central show "Tough Crowd" with Colin Quinn. They insulted each other all over the place about each other's race.

In the end, it is never a good idea to go after an audience member's race.


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