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The media loves nothing more than a war of words between two high-profile celebrities. In this war you don't know who to root for because both Rosie and Trump are rather abhorrent. In this video Trump shows his ego and the personal loathing he has for the chubby comedian. It's like listening to a little kid who needs therapy. More below...

I've never liked Donald Trump. As a business man and attention getter he's probably good at what he does. But as a person, well, he seems like an asshole. I still can't get that story out of my head where John Stossel confronted Trump about using eminent domain to try to take over some little old lady's house. And there's also the story about Trump being at a Roast where he walked out once one of the comedians said something about his hair. The guy is a humorless egomaniac. And what I find most offensive is that he's threatening to sue. Can't this guy take a little free speech?

The biggest lie that The Donald is spewing here is that Rosie should be fired. Are you kidding. I don't like Rosie's politics much either but she has been a huge ratings booster for The View. They never got so much attention. Call her what you will but controversy makes for good publicity. And what is even more impressive is that The View is a successful women's political show. At last, females don't just have to sit around and talk about recipes, drug addiction, cheating husbands or makeovers. They can add fuel to the political fire and they are powerful enough to get under the skin of some guy who thinks he's untouchable. More people should make fun of Donald Trump. All power to Rosie.


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