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While I think the Republicans have been dishonest about why we went to war, changing the reason from weapons of mass destruction to liberating Iraq from a tyrant, I equally think the Democrats are not following their supposed leftist conscience. The reason they were voted in is because we thought the Republicans were screwing up the war. The Democrats are now in control and what have they done? Is there any agreement amongst the Democrats on troop withdrawal? All we got was a nonbinding resolution that showed Democrats symbolically didn't like Bush's plans for a surge in troops. How much did that pointless effort cost taxpayers? More below...

And I've yet to hear a Democrat truly apologize for being stupid enough to give the President authorization to go to war without any oversight or even questioning as to whether there was enough evidence to invade. The Democrats are wishy-washy at best and by stalling the war they simply get soldiers killed. You should either be in the war to win it or get out. You can't put it on pause and dodge vital questions or avoid taking action until the next election. Win or fail, the US is going to suffer. I'm betting each Democratic Presidential Candidate will go with the centrist angle and we'll be getting a lot of double-speak--especially from Hillary Clinton.


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