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Sometimes it's interesting to see how the rest of the world views the US through it's arts and media. These are cartoons that air on Iranian TV. They're intended to blame the US for just about everything including suicide bombers. Maybe there's a deeper point here that I'm missing but why would the US want to give backing to Suicide Bombers? If anyone is doing that it is Iran. I suppose you could say that Bush riled up suicide bombers to come and attack but ultimately suicide bombers are religious nuts--yes, you heard me. More below...

I would also have to say the Hitler references are truly ironic considering who is leading Iran right now. Ahmadinejad looks a lot more like Hitler than Bush ever will. And he embraces Hitleresque views about the Jewish people. I mean c'mon. Certainly in the US we're critical of Bush but Ahmadinejad is scary. I'm hoping his own people get sick of him and oust him and the other radical cleric nutballs--yes, you heard me; those Iranian Muslim clerics are nutballs.


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