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Look, I'm not a Danny Bonaduce fan but when some leftist extremist nut puts a microphone in your face while you're eating lunch and tells you 911 was a plot perpetrated by our government then I'm Danny's side. More below...

If anything Danny Bonaduce probably should have just asked this man to leave because he was being exploited for valuable content. Getting him riled up and swearing on tape was exactly what this unknown host wanted.

And I'm really sorry for you if you feel 911 was a secret plot by The Bush Administration because all you're doing is joining a whole host of nuts including flat earthers, those who think we never landed on the moon, and people who think you can talk to the Princess Diana from beyond the grave. Each fastidious detail that you try to catalog does not add up to the big picture. The big picture is that the Bush Administration and our government in general is too incompetent to firstly orchestrate a 911 attack and secondly keep it a secret. When you believe that September 11th was a conspiracy you make George Bush out to be the smartest man alive--and we know that isn't true.

Ahh, but it was Dick Cheney and this guy and this other guy. You do realize that the World Trade Center is the last place rich people would want to attack? It's how they make a good chunk of their money--from investments. Sure they get money from some other sources but I don't know of anyone who's rich who doesn't invest. Why would you attack anything that affects your income just to boost the ratings in the polls or start a war with Iraq? Dick and his buddies are idealistic and they like power but I guarantee they care a lot about their bottom line. If they were going to try to pull a fast one they'd bomb any place other than the World Trade Center.

Speaking of the Iraq War, shouldn't that be the best evidence that 911 isn't a conspiracy? How incompetent has this war been run? They couldn't even keep torture a secret, something that I find appalling. How could they keep secrets bigger than that from leaking to the public? Remember when we found out about the illegal wiretapping? Conspiracists give the government too much credit. The US government isn't corrupt because it's coordinated, it's corrupt because it is disorganized. Individuals take advantage of that within the system and usually it catches up to them in some form, either media shame or actual court proceedings.

I'll have to probe further into the conspiracy theories some time. Usually conspiracies give me a headache because they like to link obscure details similar to those who interpret Nostradamus prophecies.


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