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And what she's known for--no! Not an anti-porn crusader. She's known for boinking a married presidential candidate by the name of Gary Hart.

Donna Rice, boob popping out Monkey Bizness
It happened back in 1987 when this fresh face of a gal met Senator Gary Hart at a Miami fundraiser. They must have hit it off because she ended up on his lap and it wasn't just a one time photo-op. I mean c'mon, his yacht was named "Monkey Business." Could Gary be more obvious?

I don't think the good senator ever admitted he was doing her. We're to believe they were just friends, as he insisted to the press.
Swimsuit Donna In 1994 she worked as a communications director and vice president of Enough is Enough, an anti-porn organization. Currently as of 2005 she is the volunteer president of the organization and has written a book against internet porn called: Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace

I realize this woman went through a lot with the media and that according to her own testimony she experienced date rape while going out with an older man, but as usual people who make bad decisions assume the rest of us do too. Therefore she will push to enact laws to "protect the children" and to "protect ourselves" from cyber porn.

Plenty of guys and gals have viewed porn either to laugh at it or to find pleasure in it and have not committed rape or boinked a presidential candidate. Nor have they exploited children. And for children to accidently see a naked woman or a sex scene, I would say that is not the ultimate sin. I'd rather a kid see a little sex than embrace violence, which one could ask Rice and her Pro-Christian support of Dubya--the clumsy war monger who thinks it was God's calling for him to invade Iraq while Afghanistan goes to hell.


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