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Since the Republican Party is now talking about what they could do to win back the American People I'd like to make a suggestion: listen to Ron Paul. Stop handing The Republican Party over to those who think God is on our side, whether it is war or economics. If anyone has proved that is not the case it is George Bush Jr..

I don't agree with Ron Paul on his pro-life stance, however, even in that scenario he advocates states' rights over the federal government so all that would happen is you would have some pro-life states and most likely the majority would be pro-choice. It doesn't have to be an all or nothing mandate from on high.

Conservatives need to start acting like conservatives instead of redefining the term to benefit their corrupt deals with corporations. Tax cuts yes, but without bailing out Wallstreet or even the auto makers. How the hell is anyone supposed to innovate if they keep propping up these behemoths. It will hurt but the reason it hurts so much is that these behemoths were built up to the huge problem they now are because of fear of job loss. A little job loss back in the day would have been better than the potential for a huge job loss now. Smaller companies need to be given a chance to fill the void--is the government giving them billions of dollars? No!

And as far as war, I am so tired of Sean Hannity asking people if they would have sat idly by and let Saddam continue his tyranny. We can reverse that question a hundred times over with current tyrants and tyrants from the past where his buddies did nothing. America should be a refuge from tyrants but it can't be throwing away our money and our lives on every dictator who does a bad thing. And let's not believe that George Bush Jr and his administration was being that benevolent in the first place. There was more to the invasion of Iraq than helping the people of Iraq. George is hardly a pure altruist--Cheney makes sure of that.


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