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When Paris Hilton uses little dogs to accessorize it's annoying. When Madonna accessorizes with African babies it just gets weird.

photo funny of madonna with African adopted baby

Follow Up Comments: This is an awful satire. Not executed well either since it was rushed. And now, after watching Dateline on this particular controversy I think this satire does not reflect Madonna's intentions.

Sure, all super celebs are looking for a charity to give meaning to their lives since they've accomplished everything else they wanted , but that isn't a bad thing. I've never thought there were pure motives when it came to charity to begin with. My original thought with Madonna adopting was that it was another one of her whims out of boredom and while I didn't see it as detrimental to the child (at worst he will be spoiled instead of starving or dying of AIDS) I did see it as accessorizing.

Now I think she was reacting like any one of us would if we had the time to visit Africa and reflect on the situation. Most of us don't. We're busy as hell with our jobs and families and we don't have the money to buy time to breathe and engage the disasterous situations that happen everyday in 3rd world countries. If Madonna can do this because of her wealth let's let her have at it. She can probably do more to help than their corrupt governments and maybe even more than some of the well-meaning humanitarians that criticized her.

Wealth brings power and I'd rather see Madonna wield it for good, regardless if she's following a trend. A trend in charitable adoption work seems like a good thing. Besides, her name is "Madonna."


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