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I'm supposed to get upset over this?

Tim Lee attacks microsoft
I received this attack ad flyer in the mail before the Nov 2006 elections and thought it was a rather low blow by the Washington Democratic Central Committee. Not that the Republicans wouldn't do the same thing, but for Democrats to appeal to love for Microsoft seems a bit hypocritical when most of the outrage against Microsoft comes from Liberal Democrats wanting to launch anti-trust suits against the software company.

The main reason I'm posting this flyer on this site is to show how an attack ad can backfire. When I saw the below picture of Tim Lee with his technology company wearing "Redmond Sux" T-shirts I laughed. I thought it was great. If you don't already know, Redmond is in Washington State and is where Microsoft resides. Of course it's reasonable that Tim Lee, who owned his own tech company, would do some friendly ribbing towards one of its rivals. It doesn't mean he's going to bring down the economy or won't promote the economy if elected, including Microsoft. And I think most people understand that, as well as this ad may not have much effect because, economy or not, I don't think most people have much sympathy for Microsoft.

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