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It's time to escape the government and make a better life for yourself as an immigrant crossing the US border. Yeah, it may be illegal but then have you ever considered if it should be illegal? I mean the US Government makes it impossible to enter the states--and not just for Mexicans.
I say let them sign in at the border, give them a probationary period and if they are hardworking, productive people let them stay. Then we'll just airmail some of our lazy white people over to Mexico in exchange and everything will balance out.

Seems like too many Americans are afraid of competition and somehow think their low pay is the result of immigrants when it really has to do with government welfare for the poor and rich through taxes. I mean I'd have a house by now if it weren't for taxes. I could afford better healthcare if it weren't for taxes. That isn't some Mexican's fault. Blame our government, engaging in xenophobia is just repetitive history.

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