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Reviewed by Cartoonist Jeff Swenson

I like D.L. Hughley, but let's face it he's a comedian not a journalist. I felt nervous for him because he's more like me than a CNN Host.

Hughley speaks his mind And that's why I liked the show. Can I recommend it yet? Hard to say. D. L. on his first outing interviewed Scott McClellan and got Scott's endorsement for Obama. Pretty nice for a premiere.
The show, generally speaking, is very casual, the concept apparently is to be more like Leno or Letterman than Jon Stewart. Nothing seem rehearsed and D.L. kept the conversation going nicely with friendly humor.

The question is will that be enough to make the show a success? Dennis Miller tried the same forum and couldn't garner the ratings to keep a comedian hosted politics show running for very long. Of course Dennis Miller had the problem of wanting to be conservative but still wanting to appeal to everyone--harder right talk show hosts don't worry about being friendly, they gain attention by being outrageous and in your face confrontational. D.L. is probably not all out left but he is Liberal and that may help him more in this good-natured venture then the failed attempt of Miller.

And it would be nice to see a comedian go off on the news of the day with some bite, my fear is that Hughley won't do that or will be allowed to do that. Politics isn't nice and I'm not suggesting that D.L. be vicious but he is going to have seriously opine with some teeth to get us to come back every week.

I'll watch again, premieres are always a bit soft until the host gets comfortable and takes more chances. I hope that D.L. finds his way in what for him is uncharted territory. As long as he doesn't become another overused talking pundit like the cast of regulars at MSNBC I'll be happy for now.


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